We start in Beirut and will end our trip about 7 months later in Beijing . F urther details about the route and places we'll visit, some background of the countries and current visa information are specified for each country in the countries sections.

Click the following links for information by country:
- Syria - Turkey - Iran - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan - China

Date: 11/07/2004
Distance from start: 6135 km
Distance to finish: Appr 4865 km
Day Avg so far: 63.25 km/dy
Avg speed so far: 12.19 km/hr
Max speed:

81.59 km/hr (15 April)

Max day distance: 169,57 km (31 May)
Max ascend p/d: 1964 m (25 June)
Max descend p/d 2600 m (28 June)
Funds for Education: € 1520

Graphs and daily actuals