Who are the guys doing this trip?
Michiel Hartman
, 31, a civil engineer who worked the past 5 years for a Dutch construction and dredging company. He had to give up his job and has to miss his girlfriend for the time being, to fulfill this dream.

Jannes Bolten
, 30 , open minded lawyer with great organisational skills. Has travelled  in South America and the Middle East . Worked for the last four years in the legal profession, but decided it's time to spend some time on the road again.

Tiejo Keppler
, 28, almost graduated civil engineer with a passion for travelling . First planned to join but later cancelled to start his career. In the end, due to the circumstances this trip just fitted right in!

Olivier Mees , 30, civil engineer who's working in the off shore industry. With his positive and relaxed viewpoint he'll assist the group during the Central Asia part of the trip.

Edwin Rusticus
, 32, deep down an anti- globalist at heart, a true sportsman and without doubt the coach of our team.

Why are they doing it?
Read about in the personal statements (click the name above).

When is this trip taking place?
The Marco Polo by Bike trip is taking place from the beginning of April 2004 till the end of October 2004 (approx. 7 months). Visit the Journal section for an update of their progress along the route.