Tiejo Keppler

When starting his part of the trip he's supposed to be a just graduated civil engineer. First planned to join the trip but later cancelled to start his career. In the end, due to the circumstances, this trip just fitted right in!

"After a mountain bike trip in the Ardennes ( Belgium ) I read a story abou t Marco Polo. Combining the paddles and Marco's route founded the idea of Marco Polo by Bike. Roughly a year and a half later the idea became reality.

I was born on 11-09-1975 in Amsterdam and I have a great passion for travelling and other cultures in general. I gained my travelling experience in the following countries: Australia , Malaysia , Thailand , Israel , Jordan , China , Taiwan and Europe .

Writing this I'll try to finish my studies in the beginning of May 2004. With quite some years of studying behind me, I think it's time to have a break and make this trip of a lifetime................. (Not everyone will agree on this fact, but who cares because in the end everyone will understand the value of it). After my studies I always had in mind to make a real special trip. The idea of following Marco Polo's footstep seemed to be just special enough. I'll start the trip from Teheran, just after being graduated as a civil engineer from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands .

My main interest in this trip, apart from the physical one, is meeting the variety of different people and sceneries. I also hope to get a good impression of the people, their habits and surroundings. Apart from these impressions, I have great interest in how the group will evolve and will cope with all the situations we will experience (the beautiful, amazing, happy and stunning ones, but also the tough, sad and painful ones.........). Four (and for a while five guys) on their bikes, with all very strong minds, will be an experiment itself. I'm up for it!

I really experienced travelling during my one year break in between my studies ( Australia and SE Asia ). After that I had several study tours abroad ( Germany and China ) and I had a six month traineeship in Taiwan for a Dutch construction company. During these periods my passion for other cultures was truly founded.

At last but not least I want to mention my girlfriend Ariane, apart from this cycling and travelling expedition. She's also my love, besides my love for boxing, rowing, scuba diving, skiing, cars, playing the piano and motorcycles (while sometimes cruising a cycle on petrol can't be beaten)."

Greetz to you all,


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