Cycling the trail of Marco Polo. It started as a dream and months later it became reality.
The old Silk Route from the west to the east will be experienced again by five friends on their bikes.

“We think the Silk Route as the former link between the West and the East will be of greater value in the near future. By cycling the Silk Route we want to mark a new era of opportunities for and between the cultures along our route.” ( Tiejo Keppler )


We have received some articles which have been published about our trip. This is an article in the newspaper of Samarkant. And this is an article which was published in the Echo, an Amsterdam news paper.

With Michiel and Edwin back in The Netherlands, check out here for a recap of our trip!

Check out the latest pictures of Peak Lenin and China. And keep an eye out on the Telegraaf (Dutch newspaper), where soon an article will appear.

New pictures were published, over 300, of Tajikistan (the Pamir Highway). Look under the Photos link.

Check out the new stories of Iran and Turkmenistan, and Peak Lenin (this is in Dutch, sorry..), under the Journal page. Furthermore a new update was placed in the Spits two days ago, and in Op Pad (scroll down to the bottom).

Today the missing pictures from Turkey and part of Iran have arrived!! These and the other pictures from Iran have been added to the site. And finally a journal for Lebanon and part of Syria has been put on our site! Have fun reading/surfing.

It's been a while since our site was last updated, but due to our webmaster now being on pregnancy leave :o) , finally some of the updates have been made. Please check out the photo site where we have pictures from Lebanon, Syria, and the first few days in Turkey. Some pictures from Turkey and Iran seem to have been lost in the mail, but hopefully these can be backtracked. Soon more pictures follow from Takrit to Teheran. Also for those that are interested and understand Dutch, more updates were made in the Spits. Please see this link:

Spits from 4th of May. Unfortunately the article of Tuesday 18th of May cannot be found in the online Spits.

Furthermore two weeks ago, on Friday 14 May an article about our trip was published in the Telegraaf (page 5), a daily national Dutch newspaper. As soon as we have a soft copy of the article, this will be published on our site. So stay tuned for updates and thank you for your patience!!!

We left 2 April at 6:55 in the morning, and currently we are in Turkey, on our way to Diarbakir. There have already been two updates in the Dutch newspaper Spits. See our latest column in the Spits, and our first column.

Have a look at our Logo and watch out for it in the Media.

Welcome to our site! We will update this section frequently with changes and news!

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Trek Bikes offered us 5 Trek 6700 for our journey! And on top of that we got Rigida to sponsor us with Sputnik rims. The bikestore Lohman in Amsterdam is assisting us in customizing these bikes for our adventure.




Marco Polo by Bike in the media.
Marco Polo by Bike will be a topic in the media. Check us out at:

Telegraaf Article about our trip in a dutch national newspaper, when we were in Iran

Echo Article about our trip, when we were in a local Amsterdam newspaper

Samarkant Newspaper Article about our trip, when we were in Samarkant

Spits (every two weeks a column in a daily newspaper);

Parool (article the true amsterdam daily newspaper);

AT5 (short documentairy on the Amsterdam Television network);

OP PAD (report in magazine and presentation on outdoor congres in 2005) and

Delta (article in weekly newspaper of the Delft University of Technology).

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