The Marco Polo trail by bike is a gear-intensive enterprise. In this section we describe the most important materials we use. Look here for a summary of our experiences with this gear.


Our trip is not merely a cycling experience. We like mountaineering too. This is why we have decided to give the bikes a rest when we make it to Kyrgyzstan and take a break from the road. On the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikstan there are several high peaks (with interesting, slightly anachronistic names: Peak Communiszma (7400+ m alt) and Peak Lenin (7134 m alt).

We are going to attempt to climb Peak Lenin in July. Please see the section on Peak Lenin for details of the climb. On this page, we have made a packing list of the stuff we will use on our way to the top of Peak Lenin.


We used the following cycling gear for our trip:

The bikes: 5 TREK 6700 MTB's

For full specs see

Together with TREK and Lohman , we have slightly altered the bikes, among others by equipping them with Rigida Sputnik rims, which are reputedly one of the most durable rims on the mark et. We will let you know in our Journal whether this claim to fame is justified and whether our wheels survive the roads of the Marco Polo trail...

We rigged the bikes with bags provided at very friendly prices by Ortlieb and
carrying systems by Tubus . Unlike the luggage racks of most other manufacturers, our Tubus carriers
are made of steel and not of aluminum and can therefore be welded in case of breach on the road.

Nike Cycling in combination with TREK supported us by donating our cycling wear.